September is for rejuvenating the lawn

The heat is finally gone and the cool, crisp air of fall is upon us. This change in seasons ushers in a new set of landscape practices critical for the health of your landscape. First thing we need to do is aerate and fertilize that stressed lawn that probably looks like a burned out field by now. Aeration extracts and loosens the soil so as to decompact the lawn from all the abuse it took throughout the year. Aeration can improve root growth, increase soil microorganism, and help prevent fertilizer run-off. Aerators can be rented at any landscape supply store and are very easy to use. Along with aerating the lawn you should also apply fertilizer in the fall in order to help the turf recover from the summer stress and to store food supplies for the winter monthes. These are just a few things to consider when you stare out your window onto that once beautifully green lawn you used to have, but with a little work you can easily bring it back to life.