Recycling in the Landscape

We're all familiar with the term recycling as we do it everyday with our newspapers, cans, bottles, etc. Part of the "green movement" is also recycling in the landscape. Carbon is the basic element necessary for all plant life to develop. Trees, shrubs, perennials, and vines all have varying percentages of carbon in their plant tissue. As these materials decompose the debris is generally broken down in the environment overtime. Recycling these vital nutrients into the soil, provides restoring nourishment for plants.
One common practice that can be done is to recycle the fallen leaves and other small debris that fall on the lawn at this time of year with the use of your lawn mower. Simply mow the leaves and debris into your lawn. This process accelerates decomposition by shredding organic matter into small pieces that infiltrate into the turf canopy. You are essentially feeding your lawn providing food sources for micro organisms and reducing the need to fertilize. So put your rakes away.